women's history

Women’s History Month: Women of the Bible

Women change the world not by being like men or changing men to be like women. The world will change with the women assertively demonstrating that they have the intelligence and intuition to recognize a problem. Then they come up with a practical solution. Women have the drive and ability to make change happen.

candles in the snow


Empty Empty churches,  Empty pews, Empty baskets, Empty gardens, Empty playgrounds, Empty dishes, Empty kitchens, Empty ovens, Empty tables, Empty presentations. Empty tomb and Gather to rejoice. Gather eggs, Gather sweets, Gather video calls, Gather moments, Gather tears, Gather smiles, Gather flowers, Gather love, Gather words, Gather faith. Gather hope For a future celebration.

purple flowers


Hope Peeking above the dead grass and icy shadows Comes that which I planted in hope last fall. A promise to myself that winter will not last forever. That springtime will heed my call. Yet as the days are passing and the snow keeps falling in the night I wonder when the promised blooms will …

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Savor The moments that you found unexpected quiet. The chance to deep clean your space. The warm toast with melted butter. The unhurried time in the bathroom. The opportunity to practice your favorite hobby. Make a meal that takes all day to cook then set the table with your finest dishes. Light the candles and …

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berries in a bowl


Is Love is a choice and an emotion. Joy is an attitude and an experience. Peace is a practice and an environment. Patience is the work and the reward. Kindness is your action and your presence. Goodness is the gifts and the gratitude. Faithfulness is feeling fear and finding courage. Gentleness is compassion and honesty. …

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