Thoughts from an Enneagram One on a Sunday Night

Don't Overthink It by Ann Bogel


Thoughts from an Enneagram One on a Sunday Night

All things that pass thru my mind in a span of a minute:

It’s evening, time to settle down, and yet

Is the laundry ready to be moved?

What child needs to be addressed?

Oh, I should check my texts.

Who needs me to call them?

How can I do better tomorrow?

Can I google the answer?

Is he sick or just tired?

What needs to be used first in my pantry?

Meal planning, ugh!

Will that link work better on my phone or the computer?

Will there be dance lessons this week?

Maybe the couch will be more comfortable.

Should I read to the kids or have them read to me?

How soon should I make them go to bed?

Did I call the insurance company…?

Do I break up that argument or see if they will settle it themselves?

Shall I cancel that trip?

Should I write that down? 

No, I’ll remember.

What will help me sleep?

Yoga or reading?

Fiction or non?

Just turn on Netflix.

Scroll endlessly.

Wait for the small ones to stop coming out.

Turn out the lights.

Savor the blissful silence.

Delight in total darkness.